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ELEY Test Ranges

why you should batch test with ELEY

Batch testing is designed to find the most accurate ammunition for your barrel to deliver results, records, and medals. Shooters demand excellence not only from themselves, but from their ammunition, barrel, and equipment. Only when athletes have total confidence in their barrel-ammo combination, can they train to perfect their own performance and reach the medals at the highest level.

how we batch test

With careful supervision by our highly trained Customer Range Officers, you can test your barrel with up to 20 batches using a proven test methodology, electronic targets, and bespoke ELEY software to achieve the best results.

During testing, 10 shots from each batch are fired through each barrel and the best performing batches are then shortlisted. A further 30 shots from those selections are fired until an overall 40 shot group size and consolidated score is recorded for each. Our bespoke ELEY software makes analysing the results fast, simple and very accurate, helping you to find that record-breaking batch.

ELEY Test Range
ELEY Test Range
ELEY Test Range

advantages you get from batch testing with ELEY

"The ELEY Range in Germany helped me to find the best barrel-ammo combination for my Pardini pistol, and gave me confidence for future competitions. The feeling is great!"
Zorana Arunovic

"It is a huge benefit to US shooters in pursuit of Olympic Gold to have the ability to test rifles and pistols in the United States on the best quality testing facilities."
Jamie Gray

"In my opinion, batch testing at ELEY is absolutely necessary in today’s world of international shooting. If you want to be competitive, you have to have a great gun-ammo combination and testing at the ELEY Ranges is one step to getting there."
Matt Emmons
ELEY US Customer Test Range - Jamie Gray

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