5000 rounds of ELEY tenex for free

Take the ELEY tenex challenge…

Bring your rifle or pistol to one of our three customer ranges worldwide with your best batch of non-ELEY ammunition, test it, and if we can’t beat it, you’ll get 5000 rounds of ELEY ammunition on us!


ELEY-tenex-challenge-1024x408Why take the challenge…

The ELEY tenex challenge gives you the opportunity to compare the performance of non-ELEY .22LR ammunition against ELEY tenex at one of our three customer ranges worldwide.

ELEY's three customer test ranges are located in:

How to take up the challenge….

  • First you will need to book an appointment at one of our customer ranges. To do that please visit our customer ranges page.
  • When your appointment is booked and you are scheduled to visit the ELEY test range facility, bring your pistol or rifle and exactly 100 rounds of competitor ammunition.
  • On the day of your test booking, ELEY will provide you with ELEY test ammunition free of charge.
  • Your pistol or rifle will be will be placed in a gemini vice system (note that only the barrel and action shall be placed into the vice and not the whole stock).
  • The gemini will be set to a torque setting of 6Nm unless specified differently by you.
  • We will test 40 shots of competitor ammunition against 40 shots of up to 20 batches of ELEY tenex.
  • We will then compare the 40 shot consolidated score of the competitor ammunition and the approx. 20 batches of test ammunition to assess whether or not you are entitled to free ammunition.

If your competitor ammunition performs better than ELEY's test ammunition then you get 5000 rounds of ELEY tenex free of charge (see full terms and conditions for details).

What’s in it for ELEY?

We are confident that our ammunition is the most consistently accurate in the world and want to prove this to anyone who would like to take up the challenge.

Why not enter? Book your test at today: http://www.eley.co.uk/en/test-ranges

Read our full terms and conditions here: http://www.eley.co.uk/en/terms-conditions/